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Laurence Greene, PHR

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I am a passionate, people-first leader with an affinity for empowering organizations to cultivate strong leaders by building diverse, high performing teams.

Anna Eden

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Douglas P.B. Freeman

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VP of sales @ Remesh former The Muse LivingSocial, studied at @Ohio Wesleyan University University

Paul Dilyard

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Software engineer at Remesh, Inc. responsible for scalability of real-time services, machine learning algorithms, and dev ops.

Danielle Marie Rissmeyer

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I am a cheery go-getter in the field of sales & marketing, would like to apply my knowledge, style, sass, and skills for continuous professional growth.

Emma Borochoff

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Marketing strategy where data and creative intersect.

Meghan Moore

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Customer experience wizard | Team builder and manager | Start-up hustler

Christopher Collins

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An entrepreneur with a passion for Marketing. I'm on the management team for a Notre Dame startup, interned in marketing, and founded my own longboard business.

Nicholas Tietz-Sokolsky

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Mission-driven software engineer bent on improving the world.

Jeff Buzulencia

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Growth-focused with international experience. Past: Management consultant focused on technology-based growth; international marketing for Bayer HealthCare

Gary Ellis

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COO at Remesh: 1-on-1 conversation with a crowd.

Board members and advisors

Venture investing in women with big ideas and bold ambitions. Co-founder @Jane VC. Previously @FlashStarts, @21st Century Fox, @YouTube.
Successful serial entrepreneur (3 exits). Pioneered most of the features in today's internet retailing. Has multiple investments in @iGuiders.

Former team

Gabe McElwaine

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Ben Hart

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Nicholas Crawford

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Robert Schimaneck

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Kala Berg

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