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Connected Ecosystem for Healthcare

Connected Ecosystem for Healthcare

25 crore people in India have one chronic disease, and 60% of deaths are due to non-communicable diseases. Remedo is a chronic disease management company that uses Engagement to improve health outcomes and experience of these patients. Our carefully crafted Digital Care Plans guide patients on behalf of their doctors and create an integrated experience for patients. This includes proprietary videos & content for better understanding of their condition, medical FAQs, lifestyle changes - diet, exercise, actionable reminders, all medical records, and connect with their own doctor and other experts. Remedo also helps doctors grow their practice and increase revenues through patient engagement – the biggest untapped driver of clinical practice. Remedo provides a full-stack solution to doctors, to structure and automate engagement outside the 5-minute interaction. Doctors using Remedo have seen a 17% increase in repeat footfall and greater word of mouth due to patient delight.

Tech Lead

Harsh Bansal

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COO, Remedo; Microsoft (1.5 yrs) - Marketing, Ecomm, Nokia (3 yrs) - Sales & Channel Management, EdTech Advisor, MBA (IIM-L), B-Tech (IIIT-H)


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CEO, Remedo; Fortis (5 yrs) - Strategy, Ops - ran India's largest MCH hospital, Accenture Consulting (4 yrs), MBA (IIM-L), MBBS (MAMC, AIR 35)

Richeek Arya

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Founder/CTO @Remedo, Former employee at Groupon and Intel in SF bay area, MS from Texas A&M, BTech from IIIT-H (AIR 525)