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Social Entertainment Intelligence™

Social Entertainment Intelligence™

RelishMIX: Social Entertainment Intelligence™
Social Media Activity On All Current Movies and Television Series

Social media is defined by things that you like, follow, share, savor and relish. Where your activity flows across social networks is your RelishMIX.

RelishMIX automatically packages billions of data points from thousands of current entertainment titles across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, delivering high level actionable insights that make a difference.

We’ll make your marketing and social strategy more effective. We can identify your audience across the ‘Big 3 Social Platforms’, show you where you can amplify your reach and the effectiveness of your materials. Then, we can very clearly identify your strengths and your weaknesses next to your competition.

We are entertainment pros, focused on television and movies, B2B, with a scalable SaaS and based in Los Angeles.

Jim Botko

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Games, TV and films...long form content creator and short form advertising maker turned social media data guy. VP at Warner TV, and inDemand, FOX Network Exec and Partner/Founder Hammer Creative Games.

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