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Senior Software Engineer (Python)

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About the Company and Candidate

Relevize is a fast-growing sales enablement and marketing technology platform that enables cutting-edge technology companies to leverage their business partnerships into scalable digital marketing and sales channels. Want to build a product for senior sales executives and CMO’s of fortune 500 companies?

  • We serve clients like Global Marketing Directors and Chief Revenue Officers at companies including Hulu, Microsoft, Amazon, HBO and more
  • Our end-users are innovative sales and marketing leaders at fast-growing technology companies like Stratus Technologies, Panzura.com, and more. These users are cutting-edge thinkers who are excited to help us build our product alongside our team
  • We are bootstrapped, currently cash-flow positive, achieved 10x revenue growth in 2019
  • Our CEO and CTO formerly built and sold a successful digital marketing business

Senior Software Engineering Role (Python)

What life looks like in this role

The Senior Software Engineering role will work on a small team of engineers with daily team interactions on slack and will be a part of two company-wide team check-ins each week (40- minutes on Monday and 20-minutes on Thursday via Google Hangouts). The expectation is that you will be the most experienced and knowledgeable python developer on the team. You will be asked to contribute to decisions and will be seen as the leading authority when it comes to python-based product architecture. You can expect to regularly contribute to low-level day to day problem solving for development issues that arise and may be urgent. You should be comfortable working at a senior level, have the ability to bring new ideas to the table through experience and work in a highly creative and fast-paced environment. You will be expected to build and maintain the product infrastructure and have fun at the same time. The candidate must be comfortable with:

  • Being autonomous and highly effective on a small team
  • Their work-product becoming critical and a massive difference maker to the company’s overall success
  • Developing his or her own processes and structure around the role
  • The risks and rewards associated with joining an early-stage software company

What success looks like in this role

Success in this role is closely-tied to and inseparable from the company’s overall success. Success in this role means:

  • Higher utilization of our software by both our clients and our client’s partners who also have accounts on our platform. This utilization can also be in the form of automation of cumbersome service-based tasks currently being completed by the customer success team
  • Renewals and expansion from current clients. Our top company goal is to provide enough value to clients that they expand the use of our software nationally or internationally thereby increasing the duration and value of their contracts with our company

  • Skills required to succeed in this role*

Build Core Product Infrastructure with a senior-level understanding of:

  • Flask or Django design patterns and best practices
  • SQLAlchemy: query optimization, migrations, and database architecture
  • Rest APIs: How to design them (sanitizing & marshaling) and how to consume them (requests, JSON)
  • Redis or similar async task queue
  • Test Writing

Additional Development Operations Support (i.e. Docker and other dev ops skills)

Game Changing Skill: Candidate has experience or knowledge in media buying Please reach out to mike@relevize.io with sample work or relevant experience

Please reach out to mike@relevize.io with sample work or relevant experience

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role
Python Flask development

Jon cheng

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VP of engineering @Relevize , Former Director of Engineering @Workbar, Founder @Randori. Former General Assembly Instructor, Wayfair UX, RunKeeper development

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Relevize focuses on Enterprise Software, Sales and Marketing, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, and Digital Marketing. Their company has offices in New York City and Boston. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://relevize.io

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