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The professional way to publish web documents & presentations

The professional way to publish web documents & presentations

RELAYTO is re-building documents as living customer experiences, starting with a successor to PDF. In a few clicks, our AI-powered SaaS platform turns marketing PDFs & presentations into media-rich webpages that deliver the message with: - 10X higher reader engagement - auto-magic interactivity & call-to-actions - deep analytics - seamless integration with content/distribution tools Our enterprise supporters, like Accenture, PwC and Salesforce.com, love how easy it is to stick to their existing Office/Adobe/CRM/CMS workflows, but also get a Squarespace-like branded experience for key documents. Ready to share securely or embed anywhere. And to track who views what and when. Explore our pitch at rla.to/pitch - it doubles as a demo of how we transformed our own PPT/PDF deck!

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Founder @RELAYTO / document experience , MD @Glocal Partners , @Stanford University MBA. Pre-IPO @Salesforce ; @Successfactors (6 yrs: product mktg, sales, new ventures, EMEA ops)