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Helping B2B sales organizations close deals with the help of AI

Helping B2B sales organizations close deals with the help of AI

Relatas is Sales AI that helps sales professionals predict better and sell faster. With an amazing team including former COO Salesforce, former Sr Director Oracle and Former VP Sales Infosys we form a formidable team. Only 57% of Sales team met their target in 2015. Relatas helps Sales Organisations predict better and sell faster. Using AI and seamless connectivity with your phone, email and CRM, Relatas takes charge to keep you on top of your network. Relatas also helps managers/ VP, CXO see real time data on which sales team members are interacting with who and which accounts need immediate attention. Relatas solves the following problems for the Enterprise Sales teams: Forecast Management - Is your pipeline healthy to meet the qtr target? Pipeline Management - What are your deals at risk and how to de-risk them? Opportunity Management - What should you focus on today? Relationship Management - Who are you losing touch with today? All this with No-interaction-data-entry.

Intern - Full Stack Engineer / MEAN Stack

Intern - Graphics Design/ UI/ UX

Sales Intern - Sell AI SaaS product

Marketing Intern - Market AI product

Intern - Front End Engineer

Intern - Backend Engineer / API Developer

Intern - Video Animator

Intern - Devops Engineer / Site Reliability Engineer

AI/ ML Engineering Leader (7+ years Experience ONLY)

Sudip Dutta

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Founder & CEO, Relatas. 2nd start-up. BITS Pilani | INSEAD. 20+ yrs Sales & Product development experience across geographies (US, IND, CHILE, CHINA, EUR).

Sumit Rampal

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Co-Founder, Relatas (2nd startup). A multidisciplinary designer with a mission to Attain Digital Nirvana