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Reimagine Battery Health Management

Reimagine Battery Health Management

ReJoule is developing a BMS that 1) assesses battery health more accurately and quickly, 2) adds 10-15% usable capacity through active balancing, and 3) is more scalable than competing electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) systems. Tracking impedance unlocks unprecedented data about a cell's internal electrochemistry. ReJoule brings advanced tools to the BMS and set a new standard in battery health management. This leads to some invaluable insights that can drive improvements in costs, algorithms, and new battery development. ReJoule’s advanced health assessment techniques can optimize any large format battery, from EVs to utility battery storage. The technology can also have enormous impact on second-life batteries (2LB), or repurposed EV battery packs. 2LB applications, include, but are not limited to, energy storage for emergency response, microgrids, and EV charging.

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Zora Chung

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Started ReJoule to use my skills to make a big impact. Previously had big company experience in corporate finance with almost 10 years in Walmart eCommerce.
Founder @ReJoule, a battery tech startup • Masters in EE from Uni of Toronto •Worked at @L-3 Communications • Thinks batteries and power electronics are cool