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The video player with social built in

The video player with social built in

Reframed makes video more social. It’s the glue between Twitter and video. The ultimate on-demand and live video viewing experience, solving a real problem for content creators big and small.

Problem? We’re all out of sync, watching different things at different times so social media conversation breaks down. Content creators struggle to get the same engagement on non-live broadcast - frustrating when videos cost time and money to produce.

Reframed is the answer.

Sync comments and tweets to a video. Ta-da! They’re always in context. Engage with people who watched the same video at a different time. Share your reactions on social media and link people directly into the moments of video that interest you.

Result? Increase audience through personal recommendations, boost engagement through viewer interaction, drive traffic directly to creators’ websites.

Build a community, moment by moment.

Deck: hello@reframed.tv

Kev Price

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Founder @Reframed.tv, Watch With Me

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