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Patient Referrals, Access and Engagement, E-consult, and CRM for Healthcare Providers

Full Stack Software Engineer

$60k – $140k • 0.05% – 0.25%
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ReferralMD is recruiting a senior full stack software engineer to work on our medical health records platform. ReferralMD is improving practitioner communication and patient care with industry-leading referral management, patient-provider matching intelligence, e-consult platform, and CRM and patient access and engagement tools. We are at the forefront of improving patient outcomes and delivering an exceptional experience for the providers and patients.

We are looking for a seasoned professional to join the team. Requirements include:

1. Computer science or engineering degree.
2. Significant experience with server and client-side Javascript, including Node.js.
3. Competency with NoSQL, Elastic Search, and graph and relational databases.
4. Experience with automated deploy and delivery including Docker, etc.
5. Deep understanding of functional and event-driven programming.
6. Deep understanding of core Linux.