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Customer referral platform used by global big brand retailers


1 round


Tigris Capital

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Seed capital for the Southeast Asian online revolution

Innosight Ventures

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BAF Spectrum

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We invest in companies that make the world safer

Pete Bonee

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Broad range of experience as an entrepreneur, operating executive, venture investor and advisor.

Piyush Chaplot

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Building - SmartAudit, IPC.Fund, Globalisor Invested in - Chope, Referralcandy, Anchanto, Theluxenomad, Sendhub, Barricade,etc Advisor - SellinAll, Moonlight

Ramanan Raghavendran

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In 28th year of venture and growth investing. Invested in the US, Asia and Europe. Multiple IPOs and trade sales. Focused on tech and tech-enabled cos.

Toivo Annus

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Looking for early stage B2C ecommerce, drones, payments projects. Mix of CS/MBA skills. I value practical progress, reasonable planning and released software.
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