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Referral Rock is a fast growing Referral Marketing SaaS for medium-sized businesses. We are a scrappy self-funded company that has built up a book of over 500 paying customers by building a customer driven product.

Join our team of awesome people, building a company to dominate the world of referral marketing automation. Our core team is based in the Washington DC area but we all work remotely. We are a fun mix of individuals (all US based) who have various interests and skill sets that make us a fun and passionate team. We have a pole vaulter, actress, rock climber, handball competitor... and more.

We are looking to build a team for the long haul. You'll be given many opportunities to spread your wings, grow your skills and level up. We want our team members to have growth opportunities as the business grows. The business may have specific needs right now, but you will get a chance to explore your own interests in the company.

We believe in doubling down on a person's strengths. Everyone is happiest when they are successful at doing what they are good at, which creates the best outcomes for themselves and the business.
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