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Create content for people, not for campaigns

Create content for people, not for campaigns

Email has always been defined by obsolete messages at the time they're read, dependent on targeting & above all, created for campaigns, boring and counterproductive. Result: 9 out of 10 people do not interact with email content. Personalization tools exacerbate the content problem with messages designed primarily for campaigns, not for people. We believe in a new way of thinking about marketing messages, from the unexpected comes the difference, because only content makes the difference, triggers interaction and engages people to go further. It is the conductor of our emotions. That's why we built Reelevant. As a pioneer and leader in Unexpected Relevant Content, Reelevant automatically creates "on-demand" content at the time of opening that is updated in real-time, tailored to each individual's intent and context. We don't make email, we reinvent this channel to create the Unexpected in the inbox. No Email, Be Reelevant.
COO at Reelevant, a live content intelligence technology
CEO Reelevant Past: founded SimpleMail (sold to CakeMail)
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