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We are different colors living in different communities with different problems and no longer want to be silenced. To have something of our own and for it to live and breathe and matter to someone else as much as to oneself. We are practical problem solvers who thrive on ingenuity and thinking outside the so-called box in ways that speak to us and express who we are. The world of art and film is competitive, and chances come from persistence, hard work, and a little bit of luck. As artists and creators ourselves, we know the challenges of trying to get your work, your message, your story out into the world and for it to be enough to make a full-time career out of it whether you’re just starting in the field or a seasoned expert.

Reel Submissions a gateway for artists and filmmakers. By creatives for creatives, our platform serves the people who with a need to share and promote their creative talents and to get it to the right places. It serves the people looking for that next work that touches their soul and for those looking to share their creations with like-minded individuals. It serves the creative, the diligent, the beginners, the experts, the censored, the curious, the emotional, and the insatiable.