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Matthew Cobb

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Founder @Reedsy • Studied at @University of Nottingham

Ricardo Fayet

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Co-founder at Reedsy. Startup and publishing industry enthousiast. Soccer analyst as a hobby.

Vincent Durand

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Co-Founder / CTO @Reedsy. Ruby/Rails developer, AngularJS enthusiastic and Automation addict.

Emmanuel Nataf

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Co-Founder @Reedsy and street photographer.


Hélder Moreira

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My main interests rely on web development, scalable distributed systems and software architecture overall.

Reza Saeedi

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Growth & Go-to-Market

Mayara Benedetti

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Performance Marketing— I help companies grow. Goal-oriented, process-driven, self-starter, 80/20 thinker.

Victoria Jacobi

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Self-motivated, analytical & creative. Went to University College London (UCL).

Prathima Ravindra Appaji

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Project Manager @RaiseYourText Policy Fellow @CreativeCommonsUSA Researcher @UniversityofWarwick Legal Intern @UNICTY 5 countries, 2 masters, lawyer, PADI

Oleg Petrov

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Senior frontend developer at Reedsy. Team lead. Mentor.

Jessica Kim

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Bachelors of Business Entrepreneurship and a Publishing Masters Certificate. I'm looking for passionate teams who are excited to get to work.

Yana Mkrtchyan

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Working at Reedsy, Experience with Writing, Customer Relationship Management, English, Russian and Spanish languages. BFA from University of Utah.

Lucia Tang

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Essayist, copywriter, and content creator. Bylines @ The Chronicle of Higher Ed, JSTOR Daily, Lit Hub, Strange Horizons, etc.

Deian Isac

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My life evolved for 9 years around writing compelling words. Now, I provide first-class customer support at Reedsy.

Alexander Wright

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Savannah Cordova

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My greatest passion is for sharing knowledge, and I enjoy working in a realm where I can make a profound impact and work with similarly spirited people.

Bess Brownlee

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Customer support and remote-work ninja with years of experience with companies and non-profits. I love making people feel heard and problem solving.

Tiago Babo

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Ruby, PL-SQL, API Design, Ruby on Rails, Web Services, Distributed Systems, Git, Database Design, Scala

Shaelin Bishop

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Casimir M. Stone

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Marija Krasnopjorova

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Alana Massey

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Dave McLeod

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Karol Vanessa Owens

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Sinead Waldron

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