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A friendly place for authors to learn, create and market the best indie books

SEO Wizard πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

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#About Reedsy
We’re here to give authors the tools and resources they need to create beautiful books. Our curated marketplace gathers the industry's best publishing professionals β€” the likes of Stephen King's designer, Neil Gaiman's editor or Walter Isaacson's publicist.

We’ve grown to a community of 500,000 authors and over 2,000 freelancers in just a few short years, while picking up a number of industry awards along the way πŸ†

Want to help us? Cool, keep reading!

This position is for a technical marketer. Here's what you'll be doing:

  • Keyword research and analysis.
  • Manage a team of 7 writers and determine which topics they should focus on next.
  • Full technical on-site and off-site audits: optimize copy, formatting, meta descriptions, update internal linking, fix broken links and crawl errors, 301 redirects, make suggestions to improve site speed, etc.
  • Develop our link-building strategy, help identify guest-posting opportunities, and suggest new outreach campaigns.
  • Regular reporting on current rankings, CTR, bounce, etc. and suggestions for reoptimizations


  • Excellent knowledge of SEO, content marketing, A/B testing, funnel optimization and email marketing.
  • Familiarity with various analytics solutions
  • Analytical skills

#Bonus Points

  • You will come with a previous experience growing a startup in the media/publishing/creative space.
  • A good dose of ambition, as well as a great sense of humor
  • Fluent in French, Spanish or German


  • You’ll develop a leadership position.
  • Stock options in a high-growth company
  • Work in a flexible, dynamic, friendly, multicultural and fun environment

#How to Apply
We currently receive over 30 applications every day, so generic messages almost never get a second look.

To stand out, make sure you:
1) Do some research on Reedsy and sign up to try the product;
2) Keep it sharp, short, and get across what matters to you. There’s no benefit to filing early or writing a novel. We value great writers, so take your time with the application. We’re giving you our full attention.

We look forward to hearing from you! ✌️

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role

Emmanuel Nataf

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Co-Founder @Reedsy and street photographer.

Ricardo Fayet

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Co-founder at Reedsy. Startup and publishing industry enthousiast. Soccer analyst as a hobby.

Martin Cavannagh

Avatar for Martin Cavannagh

Yvonne Shiau

Avatar for Yvonne Shiau
Fluent in both English & Finance. @Reedsy

Albert Ai

Avatar for Albert Ai
Director of SEO at Reedsy.com

Reedsy at a glance

A friendly place for authors to learn, create and market the best indie books

Reedsy focuses on Digital Media, Publishing, E-Books, and Writers. Their company has offices in London. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

You can view their website at https://reedsy.com/ or find them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Product Hunt.

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