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Data Engineer

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#About Reedsy

We’re here to help authors find world-class professionals to create amazing books. Our curated marketplace gathers some of the best freelancers — the likes of Stephen King's designer, Neil Gaiman's editor or Walter Isaacson's publicist.

Using a content marketing-led strategy, we’ve grown to a community of 300,000 authors in just a few short years (while picking up a number of industry awards along the way).

Want to join us? Read below!

We're building a marketplace and soon a new tool for authors to grow their audience. We already have over 200,000 users and we're now looking to reach millions :). As a result, we're going to need help with designing a custom data analysis tool to:
- Optimize liquidity (offer/demand) on our marketplace;
- Improve funnel conversion tracking through our entire ecosystem;
- Determine conversion costs for freelancers, authors and readers;
- Provide KPIs to marketing team to optimize acquisition efforts and drive growth.

You have strong enough development skills that you are not reliant on our developers to set things up for you. You have experience with:
- Elasticsearch
- Using query language (SQL and variations)
- Data Mining (web crawling, open data, parsing)
- Big Data (Hadoop/Spark, Talend, Amazon/Google Cloud)
- Scripting and programming (Python, R, Ruby)
- Machine Learning, ideally with some knowledge about Deep Learning
- Perfectly fluent in English, great communication skills
- Experience working remotely

#Bonus points:
- Experience creating robust and elegant dashboards to present data;
- A good dose of ambition, as well as a great sense of humour.

#How to Apply
We currently receive over 30 applications every day and we won't spend any time on generic messages. If you'd like to stand out, make sure that
1) you've done some research about Reedsy and signed up to try the product;
2) you include a well-structured and **concise** message with your application explaining why you find Reedsy interesting and why you'd be a good fit. Show off but not too much :).

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role

Vincent Durand

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Co-Founder / CTO @Reedsy. Ruby/Rails developer, AngularJS enthusiastic and Automation addict.

Emmanuel Nataf

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Co-Founder @Reedsy and street photographer.

Matthew Cobb

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Founder @Reedsy • Studied at @University of Nottingham

Ricardo Fayet

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Co-founder at Reedsy. Startup and publishing industry enthousiast. Soccer analyst as a hobby.

Sebastian Sito

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Former Luxoft, PWC, Google Brand Studio. Founded Hypenode.

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