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SEO and Content Marketing Wizard

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#About Reedsy

We’re here to help authors find world-class professionals to create amazing books. Our curated marketplace gathers some of the best freelancers — the likes of Stephen King's designer, Neil Gaiman's editor or Walter Isaacson's publicist.

Using a content marketing-led strategy, we’ve grown to a community of 300,000 authors in just a few short years (while picking up a number of industry awards along the way). Funded by Europe’s top business angels and VCs, we want to make it possible for anyone looking to publish a high-quality book to do it successfully.

Want to help us? Cool, keep reading!

This position is for a technical marketer with a publisher mindset. You will:
- Contribute to planning, executing and analyzing our SEO, content and advertising strategy.
- Optimize the paths to conversion.
- Keyword research and analysis: determine which topics Reedsy should focus on to target different customer segments
- SEO for our blog and landing pages: optimize copy, formatting, meta descriptions, update internal linking, fix broken links and crawl errors, 301 redirects, make suggestions to improve site speed, etc.
- Write marketing emails/newsletters (includes drip marketing, A/B testing and optimization)

Secondly, your role will be to amplify our content marketing efforts. You will:
- Contribute to our link building strategy.
- Suggest ideas to promote our content via social media.
- Identify guest-posting opportunities.
- Create new Adwords and Facebook advertising campaigns, AB test and measure ROI.
- Content repackaging: Find smart ways to re-use the content already created (blog posts, podcasts, videos, Reedsy Live Chat and Reedsy Learning) to leverage more channels and generate more leads.

- Excellent knowledge of SEO, content marketing and advertising, A/B testing, funnel optimization and email marketing.
- Knowledge of the best practices of the main social media channels (which content and approaches work on each and why).
- Familiarity with various analytics solutions
- Basic coding skills (HTML & CSS) to build landing pages and customize emails
- Analytical skills

#Bonus Points
- You will come with a previous experience growing a startup in the media/publishing/creative space.
- A good dose of ambition, as well as a great sense of humor
- Fluent in French, Spanish or German

- You’ll develop a leadership position.
- Stock options in a high-growth company
- Work in a flexible, dynamic, friendly, multicultural and fun environment

#How to Apply
We currently receive over 30 applications every day and we won't spend any time on generic messages. If you'd like to stand out, make sure that
1) you've done some research about Reedsy and signed up to try the product;
2) you include a well-structured and **concise** message with your application explaining why you find Reedsy interesting and why you'd be a good fit. Show off but not too much :).

Meet your team

People you would work with in this role

Emmanuel Nataf

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Co-Founder @Reedsy and street photographer.

Matthew Cobb

Avatar for Matthew Cobb
Founder @Reedsy • Studied at @University of Nottingham

Ricardo Fayet

Avatar for Ricardo Fayet
Co-founder at Reedsy. Startup and publishing industry enthousiast. Soccer analyst as a hobby.

Martin Cavannagh

Avatar for Martin Cavannagh

Yvonne Shiau

Avatar for Yvonne Shiau
Fluent in both English & Finance. @Reedsy

Arielle Contreras

Avatar for Arielle Contreras
Writer, story-teller, community-builder, tea-drinker, traveller.

Savannah Cordova

Avatar for Savannah Cordova
My greatest passion is for sharing knowledge, and I enjoy working in a realm where I can make a profound impact and work with similarly spirited people.

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