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While a lot of companies define their culture fairly early on, we did the opposite at Reedsy — we first tried to get the best people to work together towards a simple goal: allow more writers to get their ideas into the world and publish beautiful books. We're now able to say what our culture is but expect every person who joins Reedsy to help us further define it.

So what's our culture? We're a fully remote company with a variety of backgrounds and cultures. We speak over 15 different languages and Reedsians usually have strong passions and hidden talent. Whether you're interested in cultural industries, video games, sports, travel, technology, politics, sociology, or pretty much anything else, you'll find someone at Reedsy who shares similar interests. We get together once a year during our annual ski trip and we hope to do more trips throughout the year in the future.

We still have a fairly flat structure and we're split into 3 teams. The product team is based in Europe, the marketing team in Europe + North America, and the supply and support team is spread across the globe. Each team at Reedsy has it own daily standup.