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Vikram Rupani

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Co-Founder, CFO & COO at @RedMart • Worked at @JP Morgan • Studied at @Babson College • Studied at @INSEAD
Co-Founder & CEO of @RedMart. Skilled in assembling and leading talented team members. PENN. INSEAD MBA
Co-Founder & CTO @RedMart • Worked at @Bubble Motion • Studied at @National University of Singapore, @University Of Mysore


Amrutha Bhupathiraju

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A passionate recruiter with abundant exp in managing recruitment needs form A-Z. Experienced in managing talents in Tech and Pharmaceutical/Clinical companies.
Works at RedMart VP of Finance

Tim Klem

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Worked at @RedMart

Sebastiaan Deckers

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Open source hacker • JScamp.asia co-organiser • Pandion creator • Frontend Architect for hire @Cofounders.sg • Worked at @RedMart

Raman Shalupau

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Founder of @RSVPD . Helping event organizers, venues and brands with attendees and events.

Damien Neveu

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Software Engineer

Todd Kurie

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Strategic Marketer and Startup Veteran

Danny Limanseta

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Design Director at @RedMart. Ex-Advertising Creative.
Business Process Manager at @RedMart; Worked at OMRON, Emerson, and Renewable Energy Corp.

Board members and advisors

Founder & CEO Alphonso Inc. Founded and sold mob analytics co. PM @SugarSync, Eng @Oblix (acq. @Oracle). @Wharton School, @Iit Bombay.
Looking for early stage B2C ecommerce, drones, payments projects. Mix of CS/MBA skills. I value practical progress, reasonable planning and released software.

Forrest Li

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Former team

Naveen Kumar Kalapati

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Howie Chang

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