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We are small AI startup, with headquarters in London and with a team spread across different countries. We are building Remo.ai, a platform to manage datasets in Computer Vision. Our long term vision is to grow it into a platform for open AI. We believe that AI should be open to everyone, no one should "own" it. And that it's part of every practitioner job to work towards a fair and ethical use of AI. We value: - Staying humble, curiosity, hunger for knowledge - Self-learning and making mistakes - Being inclusive - Diversity in all its forms - Being good (being "not evil" is not enough)
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Lead Computer Vision scientist for Remo.ai - changing how datasets are managed

Posted 3 months ago
  • Work on ML-based features of Remo, with the support of our software engineers. Work will mostly happen in our open source python library

  • Rethink how datasets are managed in popular frameworks and based on it design a code interface for PyTorch, TF, Fast.ai (you can see our existing work in our docs


Head of Business development / Sales for Computer Vision company

Posted 1 month ago
  • identifying and connecting with companies that are using Computer Vision to build their products
  • establishing a relationship