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A Design and Development Studio

A Design and Development Studio

Want to reach that next milestone of your project application. We've got you covered. Our studio is here to help you scale to reach your milestone goals whether its a need for an engineer for interim or a team for ongoing support. On-Demand design and development services for you! Let's get you to the next milestone or completion of your project.

Yujin Ghim

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Co-Founder and Marketing Multi-Tool at @RedEye Studio ; Learner, Leader, Data Sleuth, Curious, ManUtd.

Mark Monroe

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Founder @RedEye Studio And Early Stage Investor. I invest in startups that Hustle, Learn, Focus, Execute and Dominate.
Founded Capital Security (2009), Founded Guided (2017)

Amit Pal

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Founder @TalentHound • CTO @Guided. Penetration tester • Worked at @Unoceros, @Google Summer of Code • Studied at @Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) - Varanasi

Lead Software Engineer

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