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RED Solar, a Solar Energy Company in India.

With rich experience of commissioning 1000 KW+ solar projects in various cities across India, RED Solar has established itself as a pioneer in developing solar power projects and is a leading player in Indian Solar Industry.

The multidisciplinary team with visionary leadership understands the requirements of investors & maintains a stringent control on the quality of project execution and supply chain management with a focus to offer the most competitive cost of ownership to its customers.

Our four values - Integrity, Recognition, Efficiency & Commitment - are the most unvarying and the most essential component of our identity and future success.

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Solar Sales Professional

We are looking for a dynamic Solar Hero who can work in a fast growing startup in India. He will be responsible for providing assistance to Sales Manager to help meet area sales target, as well as ensure efficient sales activities.

Software Engineer

Chief Technology Officer

The key duties of a CTO include:

Leading technology teams in everyday operations
Conducting reviews of products or systems to evaluate their potential value to the company
Guiding strategic business decisions and resources allocation
Monitoring management of all hardware, software, databases an...