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Pragmatic engineers who care deeply about the quality and success of their products


Being small, we all work with a lot of autonomy. We hire people who are responsible and can take accountability of their goals. People work directly with our partners and often contribute to the vision and journey of their products.

Our guiding framework for taking decisions is based on the following 4 values:

We care deeply about the people who hire us, the products we build, the people who use the products, the people we work with and the company we are building. This is the core value which drives our decisions

Our aspiration is to build a company that will last more than a 100 years. This is only possible if our products and partners are successful and they value our contributions. To achieve this goal, sometimes we need to take hard decisions in the short term that lead to better outcomes in the long term.

Transparency builds trust and requires maturity. We prefer working with mature people rather than compromising transparency to please our stakeholders.

Software is an evolving field and we need to stay on top of our craft. We have carefully designed professional development programs and informal clubs to ensure a fine balance of structured and unstructured learning.

Our professional development programs create holistic pathways for roles such as Software Architect, Scrum Master, Product Owner for our team members. These have been designed in consultation with software industry stalwarts and comprise of the right balance of readings, trainings and practical experience, so people can plan their career better. To emphasis, we all believe in benefits of reading books, as they provide a deeper understanding of concepts and we don't see this often in the community.

We also enjoy contributing to open source, organise talks in our 1600 member strong meetup group, teach children how to code and always make time for family and to travel, trek or camp with our team mates.