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Abigail Kiefer

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Tyler Holland

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CTO / Product manager / full-stack web developer (Rails, .Net) with team management experience. Focus: user-centric design, agile methods, and best practices.

Board members and advisors

Founder, Inksedge. Enterprise Investor, Partner at NEA, Intel Capital, Angel @Fusion I-0, @Vuclip, @Jana Research @Innovium @Tynker @weddingpartyap
President @Royal Street Investment and Innovation Center & Venture Partner @Royal Street Ventures; Past: @Park City Angels; President & SVP in Media, PE, Sports

Jeffrey Stowell

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Managing Director of @RoyalStVentures. Manager of @RSIIC. Founder of Community Systems Group. Studied @KUNews and @KULawSchool.
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