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Benjamin Guillaume

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Resourceful Technical Analyst who leverages years worth of client facing support with technical knowledge to provide accurate information and insights.

Nuri Park

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A diligent and attentive Software Engineer with background in financial analysis and business intelligence.

Kimberly Conley

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Richard Boehnke

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Program manager applying a diverse skill set and broad vision in clean energy space, honed by experience in the sciences, arts, education, and engineering.

Paul Teehan

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5+ year experienced data scientist/engineer; machine learning, data analysis, tools and infrastructure, architecture, team lead experience. Remote only.

Stephen Suffian

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Bison Hubert

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Software engineer interested in delivering seamless user experiences and building modular, efficient, scalable products.

Adam Scheer

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Anthony Vega

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Worked at Recurve, BCG, EY. Consulted at other startups. Experience with Strategy, Ops/Org, M&A, CPA, FP&A. Went to Wharton, Notre Dame, UMiami.

Scott Blew

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I help Fortune 500s & startups develop products to make the world more habitable, equitable & connected. Coliving, clean energy/water, & urban tech initiatives.

Carmen Best

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Steve Suffian

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Worked on telehealth in Kenya, demand response in Nicaragua, and got a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Villanova along the way.
Worked at Recurve
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Former team

ethan goldman

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Hassan Shaban

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Dan Kartzman

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Dan Kartzman

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Chang Zhou

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Reetu Mutti

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