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Linkedin for Collegiate Sports

Linkedin for Collegiate Sports

Recruitingboard.net is the ONLY social media platform for High School athletes and NCAA DII/DIII Programs. How we work- For athletes- They upload their personal information (Position, GPA, ACT/SAT, Stats, News articles, and etc). They join their HS's network (ran by their HC) to verify them. When a player and a College are mutually interested- they are added to each other's "Recruiting Board." From there the Coach and player can DM each other, receive academic information, and form a relationship. Value for Colleges- D2/D3 College programs don't have the revenue/recognition of a D1 program. Because of this, it's hard for them to recruit outside their boundaries set by their budget. We allow College coaches to recruit a player no matter his distance, just as easily if he/she was in their boundary. Value for Players- It allows them to broaden their college search and get recruited by schools they are interested in Users- HS athletes, HS Coaches, and College Coaches.

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