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Optimising the after-life of gadgets and hardware

E-Commerce Manager - Sustainable Electronics @ RECONO.ME

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At RECONO.ME we’re working hard to change our relationship with electronics. E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream and only 20% of it currently gets recycled.

Businesses constantly need to get rid of IT hardware. And all of us have gadgets sitting around gathering dust in "that drawer". RECONO.ME mobilises these devices by providing an end-to-end recycling solution that safely and responsibly collects these gadgets and prepares them for the next owner.

Our process covers everything to do with these unwanted electronics, from secure data deletion to sustainable recycling - you name it. Our main goal is to double or even triple the useful life of valuable technology by refurbishing and upgrading it. We want to become the go-to for quality, refurbished products.

Our focus is on refurbishing and reselling high-end consumer electronics (tablets and laptops) and IT equipment (PCs, servers, networking equipment).

RECONO.ME sells mainly through 2 channels :
1) Direct sales to businesses
2) E-commerce to small businesses and consumers

We're looking for a seasoned E-Commerce expert to help us systematically build our market share and penetration.

Your responsibilities include:
- Apply sound science and data mining to strategically acquire customers and pursue new segments
- Manage E-commerce execution, work closely with founder on strategy
- Product listings optimisation
- Build, execute, and manage data-driven paid ads strategy across the platforms, monitor metrics and performance
- Analyse and implement effective KPI feedback system, spot areas for improvement in marketing and execute on process improvement
- Work closely with UX designers, developers, and warehouse team

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Optimising the after-life of gadgets and hardware

RECONO.ME focuses on Hardware, Clean Technology, E-Commerce, Consumer Electronics, and Recycling. Their company has offices in London. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.recono.me or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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