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The voice-powered financial tracker for the modern-day professional

Mobile Designer / Product Lead

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Reconcile is a voice-powered financial tracker designed for the modern day consumer.

In 2020, the modern consumer uses multiple digital cards to finance several lifestyles - personal, family, work, and side-hustles. Naturally, bookkeeping becomes difficult in this world as hundreds of charges cross our statements every month. Most importantly, no one has ever been excited to spend hours in front of a screen tracking every dollar.

We're building Reconcile to make managing our expenses as frictionless as making them. Whether it's tagging our side-hustle expenses apart from our personal, tracking when key bills post, or monitoring for fraud, we're focused on building the fastest money management experience.

Our vision is to give back a billion hours of our time. We should optimize every hour to spend on our passions and doing things we love, not reconciling our statements.

Working at Reconcile

The Reconcile team is powered by a scrappy group of financial experts, AI engineers and customer analytics modelers. Each of us are fully engaged with this problem area and spend many late nights frustrated at the current reality for consumers. We're extremely passionate about building magic that lets consumers be the superheros they want to become. The team works remotely and is spread between NYC and India.

What you’ll be doing

  1. Working alongside the CEO and CTO to co-lead the launch and initial go-to-market strategy
  2. Designing mobile and conversational interfaces
  3. Translating user requirements into upgraded interfaces and experiences
  4. Building a design system based on iOS guidelines
  5. Own the startup's design language - processes, values, brand characteristics

What we look for

  1. Creative background with a B.A./B.S. degree in design, psychology or finance.
  2. At least 2 years of working in a mobile app UI/UX role at a company focused on consumer productivity or finance.
  3. Highly empathetic to the problem area, and currently hacking their own solution to expense reconciliation.
  4. Ability to wear multiple hats as a designer, coordinating the entire brand's look and feel not just a mobile interface.
  5. Experience launching iOS apps within the app store.
  6. Deeply passionate about entrepreneurship and an agile-development approach. Understands the value of fast feedback cycles and quick iterations.
  7. Looking to use this opportunity to learn, grow and boost their careers.

Reconcile at a glance

The voice-powered financial tracker for the modern-day professional

Reconcile focuses on Mobile, Personal Finance, and Fin Tech. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://getreconcile.com or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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