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Most great moments in our lives aren't recorded, meaning we can never look back on them, relive them, or share them with friends and family. Moreover, most moments that are recorded and shared are not 'real': they are planned, staged, or faked. Sometimes for fun, sometimes for likes.

Reclip lets you catch the best moments from your life. No planning, no faking, no acting-up to the camera: just real people, in their element.

We've raised $2m and we're keeping it stealthy for now.

If you're interested in authenticity and its role in society, if you're excited by the possibilities that sit at the intersection of real and simulated worlds, if you like the idea of reliving moments from your past then you should get in touch.


We're looking for a junior iOS developer to join our existing team. You'll be working on all areas of the app including:

  • Animation tools
  • Content capture tools
  • Editing tools
  • Content rendering, formatting and distribution
  • Content discovery and consumption

Skills and Experience

You should have:

  • deep intuition for programming iOS - we're constantly hitting the limits and need creative solutions to nail the spec.
  • the magic touch when it comes to Swift and Objective C.
  • experience building audio recording software (bonus if this was on iOS).
  • experience building and shipping production-quality code.
  • undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Maths or Physics (Preferred).

Team and Culture

While we can't say much about the product (until we talk), we can definitely tell you about the 3 co-founders. We are three brothers, who all studied at the University of Cambridge. (Physics Ph.D. and Philosophy). Josh was the 1st employee at Breadcrumb that exited to Groupon. He then led the UK's largest retail incubator before moving to LA to run product at Skurt (acq. by Fair). Joel commercialized his Ph.D. into a business venture with a Nobel prize-winning scientist, working on Graphene applications in renewable energy. He also co-founded a b2b neobank for the crypto space with Dan, that did $1.5bn in GMV in its first year, and banked the likes of Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and Gemini. Before building the bank, Dan was one of the first 5 hires @ the British food-delivery unicorn Deliveroo and played a major role in their national expansion. This is the first time all three of us have worked on a project together and we are looking for the best people to join us!

We have a big, unique vision for Reclip. It's been an incredibly exciting journey so far. If you're talented and you want to work on something utterly original with the potential to change the world (again!), we want you to join us.

Los Angeles
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Visa sponsorship
Not Available
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Full health insurance

Competitive equity slice

Work from home when it suits

Sprint meetings, ping pong and swimming take place in the office.

We love dogs

Help us tackle homelessness in la

Homelessness is a big problem and in our spare time we're looking at ways to help solve it.

Have a huge impact from day 1

Awesome founders

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Real Social Media

Reclip focuses on Digital Media, Social Media, Social Media Platforms, Content, and Entertainment Industry. Their company has offices in Los Angeles. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at https://reclip.app

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