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Most great moments in our lives aren't recorded, meaning we can never look back on them, relive them, or share them with friends and family. Moreover, most moments that are recorded and shared are not 'real': they are planned, staged, or faked. Sometimes for fun, sometimes for likes. Reclip lets you catch the best moments from your life. No planning, no faking, no acting-up to the camera: just real people, in their element. We've raised $2m and we're keeping it stealthy for now. If you're interested in authenticity and its role in society, if you're excited by the possibilities that sit at the intersection of real and simulated worlds, if you like the idea of reliving moments from your past then you should get in touch. We're building something real in a space where faking it is all too common. We're a small, lean team of 3 brothers and a couple of pals, looking for talented folks who are all about the mission to join us on our adventure. Drop us a line if you're looking for the journey of a lifetime.

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