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Samyadh Jain

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I enjoy taking complex problems and turning them into simple and beautiful interfaces.


• Experienced in Angular, Html, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ionic Framework, Bootstrap, Clarity etc.

Yamini Murthy

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Mohit Jain

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Went to PES Institute of Technology

Dhilipsiva Nitimis

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@Nitimis. Optimistic Nihilist. Wannabe Astrophysicist. I code for fun & profit. I love Science, Python, FOSS & fitness. Dad of 2. Environmentalist. Story Teller

Yogesh Shivaram

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Bedapudi Praneeth

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Working at DeepAffects.com on various aspects on speech and nlp. Experienced in the entite idea to production pipeline.

Rahul Chowdhury

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Software Developer 3+ years exp OpenSource enthusiast

Subhajit Mukherjee

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B.Tech NIT Durgapur.Full Stack Developer at TextNook. Passionate about contributing to FOSS.

Gururaj Dharani

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2 years of experience in AngularJs, Frontend developer and Visual designer. Startup Enthusiast. http://bit.ly/things-i-know
Worked at Vantiv, Avaya. Experience with Avaya, Agile Software Development, Architect. Went to University Of Colorado, Psg College Of Technology,Anna University

Anu Paul

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Shweta Bhaskar

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I am passionate about UI/UX Designing, willing to work as a UI/UX Designer, where i can contribute my ideas and enhance my skills on designing.

Former team

Vishal Yuvraj Darekar

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Gandhar Pednekar

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