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Rebuild Veterans Through Wellness

Rebuild Veterans Through Wellness

Rebuild Community Health and Wellness is focused towards rebuilding our nation’s veteran crisis.

In 2007 our national veteran suicide rate was 18 deaths per day that number in 2015 has now risen to 22 deaths per day. That is the same amount of deaths from suicide per day at home than total deaths overseas in warfare annually in Afghanistan in 2015. Fitness has been proven to elevate the amounts of dopamine (feel good hormone) in the brain. It also has been proven to treat cognitive disorders like PTSD by increase of protein production of BDNF. (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor)

Our philosophy will combat this crisis by encompasses physical therapy, cognitive therapy classes, along with adaptive exercise and fitness modalities. We believe that anyone who walks through our door should receive the best possible care.
Founder Rebuild Community Health & Wellness • Worked at @United States Marine Corps • Studied at @University Of Wisconsin Oshkosh

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