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Realoky is an online marketplace that lets people buy, rent, or sell real-estate without a realtor. The platform facilitates the entire process by streamlining the paperwork required and plugging in the required third-parties (title, appraiser, inspector, lender, etc.). Realoky does not charge a commission or fee to the buyers or sellers. The problem we are solving is that there is no easy and simple way to buy, rent, or sell a home totally online. Most people start the home search online (and most even find the home they settle on online too!), but still finish it with a realtor because they think they need a realtor and there is no easy way to complete the transaction online.
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Chief Technology Officer and Development Coordinator

Posted 10 months ago

CTO Job Description
We are seeking a highly skilled CTO with a history in the technological sector and lean startup environment. CTO will be tasked with making executive technology decisions on behalf of the company, including developing and managing a technology budget to align the company with ...