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Vlad Zelinskiy

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Bea Prusik

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With 3+ years of experience in eCommerce and FinTech in management/operations roles. I lean into problems, smile at 'no' and am proactive till it hurts.

Lindsey Meredith

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Enterprise Account Executive and Team Lead with experience and passion for sales, product marketing, growth, and problem solving.

Liane Huang

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Barbra Gago

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Best at driving high velocity customer acquisition and growth for fast-growing tech. CMO @Miro lead marketing @Greenhouse @Cultureamp @TIBCO
Worked at Miro (formerly RealtimeBoard)
at RealtimeBoard

Anya Dvornikova

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11 years in Training & Development, 5 years in IT. Best at structuring learning content, asking questions, and engaging others into experimental projects.

Steven Grijzenhout

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Head of Customer Success @Miro (formerly RealtimeBoard)

Andrew Reese

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Entrepreneur, Sales Professional

Ryan Kennedy

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SaaS and IaaS Enterprise Sales Professional

Yegor Korobeynikov

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Head of Brand Experience @Miro (formerly RealtimeBoard) / Content strategist and media addict. PhD in Strategic Management

Vlada Vasilets

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Tom Mills

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I specialize in implementing scalable, repeatable and measurable sales structures for enterprise saas companies.

Anna Boyarkina

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Passionate about creating product that people LOVE. Head of Product at @Miro (formerly RealtimeBoard)