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B2B Video Recruitment Platform with AI / ML to improve Recruitment Efficiency

Co Founder - CTO

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1. Design Top-Level Tech Strategy

All companies are in the software business to some extent, because modern businesses can’t compete without advanced applications, either for customers or running in the back office. The CTO collaborates with the C-suite to set goals based on existing technology or innovations that need to happen.

2. Manage a Growth Roadmap

Unlike some of the other C’s in the C-suite, the CTO’s job spans from strategy to tactics. The CTO takes company goals and then maps out the practical steps and methodologies along the path leading to those goals. From finance and operations to development and user experience, the CTO has to find or create the optimal tools so that information workers can do their jobs.

3. Be the Public Face of Tech

Establishing brand identity is crucial at this stage of a startup’s life. The CTO must embody the brand’s technical identity at conferences, in stories for the media, on social media, etc. The message the CTO should convey will be tied closely to brand messaging but include ideals like innovation and creativity.

4. Coach and Mentor Tech Talent

Even in a startup’s earliest stages, the ideal CTO devotes time to mentoring their own replacement. For the company to grow, the CTO will need to develop new leaders who can be trusted to complete or delegate critical functions. The CTO must have technical and engineering expertise to evaluate the abilities of those who are chosen for mentorships.

5. Draw on the Abilities of a Deep Network

No one can go it alone. CTOs should come to the table with established networks in development, new ventures, data management, design and market research, among other significant fields. There isn’t time to develop these kinds of connections on the fly in a time-crunched atmosphere of a startup.

6. Establish a Backbone of Tech Culture

When the startup gets to be a large enterprise, there will very like be several internal employee subcultures. The seeds of that ecosystem start with the CTO and the culture they establish within technical teams. Hiring and firing is an art that encompasses both rapid assessment of achievement potentials and accurate projections of social integration with existing teams. The CTO must be knowledgeable enough in technical skills to recognize talent and wise enough to foster collaboration.

7. Discuss Feasibility at the Micro and Macro Levels at the Same Time

What is possible for a startup is very different from what’s possible at the corporate world. Many good CTOs aren’t able to make that transition. The best CTO for a startup should have experience in doing feasibility studies on a napkin at midnight, assessing what buyers are willing to pay for and extrapolating what’s possible given technology under development at the moment.
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B2B Video Recruitment Platform with AI / ML to improve Recruitment Efficiency

RealSaber Technologies focuses on SaaS, B2B, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Hr Tech. Their company has offices in Delhi. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://company.talkrecruit.com

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