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Ai for companies building products with sensors

Ai for companies building products with sensors

Reality AI offers technology for R&D engineers developing products using sensors and signals, primarily in the automotive, industrial, and consumer products sectors. Users can create powerful AI-enabled classifiers and detectors using complex sensor and signal data, then deploy them at the edge, operating on low-cost, standard microcontrollers. Software supports labeled data (supervised learning) and unlabeled data (anomaly detection and clustering).

Works with accelerometer data, vibration, sound, current, voltage, and proprietary sensors -- anything sampled at a relatively high frequency (10Hz - GHz).

Customers' uses include predictive maintenance and condition monitoring, and sensing external environment or surrounding context in automotive or industrial cases, as well as activity monitoring in consumer products.

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AI Data Collection / Curation Specialist

AI Data Collection / Curation Specialist

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Jeff Sieracki

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Extremely Applied Mathematician, making sense out of signals with AI. Reality AI is my third startup, with two exits behind me.

Stuart Feffer

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co-founder + ceo of Reality Analytics Inc.
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