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The Leading Internet of Things News Platform

The Leading Internet of Things News Platform

ReadWrite is the leading media platform dedicated to IoT and the Connected World. In 2015, Forbes named ReadWrite one of the top 100 websites for entrepreneurs.

We work with the industry’s top technologies, thinkers, and companies to tell the stories that drive this world forward. We strive on a daily basis to answer the critical questions on your minds – about the data, privacy, security, and platform issues, and how all these ecosystems come together for you. Our content lives at the intersection of entrepreneurs and enterprise, the birthplace of these new technologies that will impact every industry they touch.
CEO CitizenGrown: Former Skout, Taploid, Squaretrade, VP of Innovation Alcatel-Lucent, Founder of Wearable World, and Executive Chairman or ReadWrite.
Founder @ReadWrite Labs | Advisor to Startups & Venture Funds | Keynote Speaker | China & APAC | Previously @Ticketmaster @Techzulu @EVENTup @ReadWrite

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