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At Readdle we believe that technology is changing the way we live, work and get things done. 🚀

Mikhail Velikanov

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Anastasiia Martyniuk

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Olga Pochtarenko

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People & Culture Manager with experience and passion! That's only People, who make the business successful and technologies remarkable.

Iana Patskan

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Executive Assistant to CEO at Readdle; PA to GM at Hilton Kyiv; PA to CEO at ExpoPromoGroup (IT/Startup); Master of International Relations;

Sergey Alpeev

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iOS Developer at Readdle

Dmytro Bezverkhnii

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Software Development is what I’m really passionate about. For over 4 years I’ve been working as an iOS software developer to provide the best user experience...

Lina Kalysh

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Constantin Azizov

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Vasilij Tkachuk

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Sergei Epatov

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Expertise in iOS, OSX, ObjC, C, C++, highload, DSP, media streaming, complex protocols and data formats.

Nikolay Samoylov

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I create compilling product experience that heals pain points. 6 years leading the design and development of consumer products.

Vadim Dzina

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Eugen Shapovalov

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Dmitrii Raev

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Glib Brunenko

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Roman Liskovenko

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Dmitry Povolotsky

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Pavlo Kuznyetsov

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Kyrylo Shavaran

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