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Long-range wireless charging


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Jeff Epstein

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founder of onboard (http://onboard.io), a SaaS to manage the optimal onboarding process for every customer. prev: founded, built, & sold @Ambassador Software

Ding Zhou

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Engineer, Scientist, Angel

Judy Yang

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Angel investor & cross-border business strategy expert (US<->China) @Microsoft @Oracle @Adobe

William Cordes

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SaaS Finance Expert. Founder & CEO of KPI Sense. Angel: @Dollar Shave Club @Cabify @ClassPass + 20 more. Former Head of Corporate Development and M&A.

Headland Labs

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Angel Investors; Early @angellist; Bay Area & China expertise; MIT, MSFT, Adobe Alumni

Michael Seibel

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Partner at @Y Combinator Founder @Socialcam and @Justin.tv Studied at @Yale University

Jason Byun

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Investor: @Caribou Biosciences @knowfoods @Good Uncle @Hyperloop One @CrowdTwist @Reach Labs

Aaron Weller

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