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Reach Capital funds people and ideas that unlock the transformative power of education for as many people as possible. Our goal is to empower learners, parents and educators from early education all the way through to professional development.

Our investment approach is simple – we seek out and listen to educators, parents and researchers. Their needs inform our search for technology solutions. We look for those places where the advantages of technology can uniquely address a challenge in education. We are clear that technology is a tool and is often not the best response or solution. Yet, in certain places, technology can be a powerful way to remove obstacles to learning and enable access to educational opportunity.

Wayee Chu

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Partner, Reach Capital, an education technology venture fund, focused on access and opportunity in education.
Partner Reach Capital. Co-founder NSVF Seed Fund, edtech enthusiast, former teacher, grateful student of amazing mentors paying it forward, mom,Broadway Angels
General Partner at @Reach Capital and former Partner at @NewSchools Venture Fund

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