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A global membership community

A global membership community

At Raya, we're focused on building a solution to a problem our team has often encountered: there's no good way to meet like-minded people online and if you do, it's very hard to take these interactions into the real world. That's why we set out to create a trusted online community where people felt comfortable finding life partners, friends, and work collaborations.

Just as we bring people together around the world, we work hard to build a community here at Raya. We are a family of talented individuals who have all devoted our careers to finding exciting ways to foster human connection through technology. When we're not collaborating over our next product features or huddling in our daily standup, you can find our team sharing a meal at the lunch table or enjoying a post-work outing.

We have openings around the world: LA, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and Mexico City. If you're interested in joining our team, feel free to reach out to us at careers@rayatheapp.com.

Eumin Lee

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Kevin Rosal

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UX/UI Designer

Lillian Zheng

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Columbia MBA focused on Product. 1st PM hire at Raya, Snap Global Product Strategy Alum, Deloitte Digital Tech Consulting Manager Alum

Backend Engineer

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iOS Engineer

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