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10 years in international criminal intelligence, now Founder and CIO at Ravelin.
Founder/CTO at Ravelin. Previously Technical Lead at Hailo. Founder/CEO Welford Media. Recovering Physicist
Founder Ravelin • Founding Engineer at Hailo • Physicist


Nick Lally

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Founder @Ravelin

Milly Leadley

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Data scientist at ML startup @Ravelin | Bias fighter | Pipeline engineer

Sam Logan

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Data Scientist

Ruth Crocker

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Published researcher with a specialism in organised crime and fraud, and a background in crime and intelligence analysis.

Maria Molin

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Worked at Ravelin, Ravelin

Mark Barlow

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Sara Correia

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Amanda Odette

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Sam Heslop

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Security Engineer at Ravelin. Previously at The Walt Disney Company.
Digital Coordinator at Ravelin

Jono MacDougall

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Rob Crocombe

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Front-End Javascript Engineer and recent CS graduate who shipped a cloud storage solution at a Silicon Valley startup; looking to work with something new

Michel Blankleder

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Cloud infrastructure specialist with over 15 years of professional experience working in the systems and technology domain.

Rob Baines

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Eddie Bell

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Former team

Astrid de Gaste

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Arash Outadi

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Sandor Gyuris

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Natalie Sandman

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Tom Artiom Fiodorov

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Long Hoang

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