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Podcasts with friends

Podcasts with friends

Podcasts are the future of talk radio, but their growth is handicapped by the unsocial nature of the platforms that support them. Eighty percent of all listening happens inside of iTunes, where growth is linear except for a small majority of promoted content. Sharing is hard and interacting with the community is not possible. Starting a show requires RSS, storage, metadata, and the approval of Apple.

RAUR - a social publishing platform for podcasts built to simplify discovery, listening, and creation of content.

We are building a better experience for listeners and powerful tools to bring new creators to the space.

Two touches starts a high quality live (or recorded) audio broadcast within the app, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere online.

Users can see what their friends are listening to and easily share episodes with them.

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Currently Nodejs, Rails, iOS. Love coding, making things, running and rockclimbing