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Cameron Johnson

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Serial Entrepreneur

Brendan Coen

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Angel investor

Lewis Golden

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Worked in Optical Sciences for 40 years.B.S.,M.S., PhD. Investor in real estate, stocks, mutual funds ,and now startups. Widower with two grown children.

Marty Isaac

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Seasoned entrepreneur, angel investor and activist with 25 years operating experience. Seeking opportunities that combine unique market fit with a social good.

Steven MacDonald

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Founder/CEO with exits @ myMatrixx, TechHealth, MamaBear. Board member Florida Funders. Angel investor.

Adam Blackman

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Co-Founder and CEO , Mavencare Founder of MedSleep

Tony Lopez

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Angel Investor/Entrepreneur Founded AHI Software sold to RelayHealth a McKesson ($MCK) business unit December 2012.

David Blado

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