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Woody Benson

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Investor: LogMein, Arccos Golf, Filtered.AI,OwnUp, Repsly, Sea Machines, Elsen, Cake, MarketMuse, Breezeway, Leaf Trade Exits, 4 IPOs. Bentley Investment

Mark Pui

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Management consulting and corporate finance experience in Asia. Passionate about working with owners to grow businesses. Early investor in blockchain space.

Meredith McPherron

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Meredith offers focused insight, broad experience, and a deep network as an angel investor and advisor focused on consumer/tech, B2B platforms, data.

Ty Danco

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Have retired, making no further new investments. Not taking down my AngelList account--I need the company tracking--but I've happily faded out into the sunset.

Nik Seet

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Angel, founder @Auditude. acquired by @Adobe, founder IntoNow, acquired by @Yahoo. Deloitte, @UCLA MBA, @HMC engineer. US cit, Chinese born in Australia. Dad.

Greg Raiz

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Founded @Raizlabs and sold the business to @Rightpoint I'm angel investing and advising companies in Boston & SF.

Jesse Bardo

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Co-Founder and Director of Customer Experience at EverTrue. Specializing in our customers and bringing their technology needs to market.