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At Rapid Flow Technologies (rapidflowtech.com), our vision is to improve people’s lives by reducing the negative impacts of traffic congestion. We are using artificial intelligence (AI) to re-imagine traffic control. Rapid Flow is an early stage AI company that was spun out of Carnegie Mellon University in 2015 and is based in Pittsburgh, PA – one of the leading markets for AI, robotics, and autonomous vehicle research and development. By implementing Surtrac, our adaptive traffic control system, municipalities have reduced the causes of traffic congestion, pollution, and safety incidents by as much as 20-40%. Surtrac is an edge-computing AI solution installed at each intersection. It easily integrates with existing detection, traffic control, and communication systems.
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Software Engineer - Infrastructure (Automation/Tools)

Posted 3 months ago

At Rapid Flow Technologies, we are working to enhance our state-of-the-art traffic control system (Surtrac) so it can be quickly and easily deployed at intersections in the US and internationally. Intersections have a large number of unique geometries, connected devices, and control constraints, ...


Software Engineer - Infrastructure (Web/Data Pipelines)

Posted 3 months ago

At Rapid Flow Technologies, we are building infrastructure to handle massive volumes of data from intersections operating our state-of-the-art traffic control software (Surtrac). As the network of Surtrac intersections expands quickly, so does the need for pipelines and consumption of traffic dat...


Deployment Operations Lead (Surtrac)

Posted 2 months ago

This role will be focused on helping customers and partners implement our Surtrac solution in the field. If you have experience in implementing AI solutions, embedded computing, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), or traffic products, and want to use that experience to truly make a differen...