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Intelligent Transportation for Smart Cities

Intelligent Transportation for Smart Cities

At Rapid Flow, we build intelligent transportation technology for smart cities. Surtrac is an innovative approach to traffic signal control, continuously optimizing the performance of signals to reduce congestion, pollution, and time spent waiting at intersections. Our patented approach is designed for both the present and for a future of transportation where connected and autonomous vehicles communicate directly with traffic signals and other city infrastructure. The rich data produced by Surtrac are complemented by vehicle trip data from our Phaenon sensor networks. Using our proprietary algorithms, Phaenon networks produce valuable urban transportation data, including measurements of congestion, travel time reliability, and rates of cruising for parking. This travel information helps cities plan and operate transportation networks.

Deployment Operations Lead (Surtrac)

Software Engineer - Infrastructure (Automation/Tools)

Software Engineer - Infrastructure (Web/Data Pipelines)

Stephen F. Smith

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CTO @flyRuby.com, Dir. Intelligent Coordination and Logistics Lab (Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon Univ) M.S and Ph.D. degrees in C.S.- Univ. of Pittsburgh
Founder and CTO at Rapid Flow Technologies - Ph.D. in Robotics from @Carnegie Mellon University - @North Carolina State University
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