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Building Ramps to Valuable Work

Building Ramps to Valuable Work

RAMP stands for "Reputation Accelerator Marketplace". We build ramps to colleges, callings, and people through a marketplace that rewards students for non-conventional things (like their reputation among their peers and respected faculty, staff, and coaches) -- not G.P.A. and other metrics that are fuzzy indicators at best. The first ramps that we're building are between students at a Washington, DC-area university and five select companies in the U.S. Our Student Marketplace App is distributing a unique digital currency on a blockchain to each high school and college in the United States in order to motivate and measure the value creation within each micro-economy and the reputation of each student within it.

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Luke Burgis

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Founder/CEO @ ramp.work. EIR @ Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship. Founder of 4 Start-ups from Tech to Food. Author. Speaker. Always learning.