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Recreating Social Gatherings Online

Recreating Social Gatherings Online

Rally is a video conferencing platform that enables multiple conversations at the same time. We built this as a result of lockdown after realizing existing video applications only offer a one to one or one to many solution. Instead of this binary experience, we believe video should be more fluid and natural. We are the bridge between video 1.0 (zoom, webex) and VR (oculus).

Fullstack Web Developer for Realtime Video-streaming Platform

Strategy & Operations Intern

Content Marketing and Social Media Intern

Amy Liu

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Worked at Glaxosmithkline, University Health Network. Experience with Business Planning, Business Development. Went to University of Toronto

Anson Kao

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Cofounder & CTO @ Rally Formerly: @Rose Rocket (S16) , @Phrase Technologies , @Teambuy, @StudyMonkey.ca

Ali Jiwani

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