Jennifer Lee

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Serena xu

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Skilled professional with recent Master’s degree in computer science along with hands-on experience in software engineering within fast-paced environment.

Brian Michon

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Product focused CTO / VP Engineering for startups and Fortune 500 B2C and B2B2C companies.

Matthew Houser

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Worked at Ebates, Beyond ordinary software . Experience with Architect, Agile, API. Went to Kent State University, State University

Cameron Shaw

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Cameron has over 10 years of product management experience, focusing on consumer facing media and entertainment products. Cameron built the first...

Neil Daniels

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Nick Salter

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Techncial Recruiter at Rakuten

Kara Ross

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Brian Nutt

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Works at Rakuten Intelligence, Software Engineer - Infrastructure Tools. Experience with AWS, CICD, Kubernetes, Terraform, Prometheus, ELK, Jenkins

William Xu

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Mobile focused developer with experience in Android and React Native

Scott Harwood

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Huan Guo

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James No

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Senior Vice President of Sales @Rakuten Americas (Logistics Division)

Carolina Cano-Espinoza

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Marketing aficionado with knowledge of B2B marketing through experience in both inside and outside sales.
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Board members and advisors

RC Williams

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Leadership, strategy, technology, sales, data/data analytics, media. Creator of entrepreneurial ecosystems, custom algos & edge tech.
Angel,entrepreneur in Japan.Founded @Bizseek(acquired by @Rakuten Americas for 20M$),@Crocos,@Nanapi,@Starfestival. Invested in over 10 companies.

Former team

Katrina Pardi

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Veronica Strunz

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Irene Ambler

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Brianna Parker

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Devin Mainville

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David Parkhurst

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